Required software

  • FitPro+


  1. Place filter of PortaCount into isopropyl alcohol for roughly 2 minutes, and then place back into the device. This is depicted in the images below and needs to be done daily.
  1. Place 2% NaCl into aerosol generator (description of how to make this can be found at the end of this document). Attach tube of aerosol generator to 125mm PVC pipe.  
  1. Turn on aerosol generator and set to 10. 

4. Turn on the PortaCount and connect to laptop with FitPro+. Purge the PortaCount with the filter according the program “Daily Check” in FitPro+. Here, the clear tube is the “Mask Sample”. This check needs to be done daily. The HEPA filter is shown below. 

  1. Upon completion, ensure the blue tube is connected to ambient particle sampling connector, and the clear tube is connected to the mask particle sampling connector in the 32mm PVC pipe. Open the Real Time window in FitPro+. 
  1. Plug the controlled flow setup into power outlet and verify it is working correctly. 


  1. Place centre of mask sample into the sample holder on top of the seal ring of the sampling container. If the mask sample has a filter or fold in the centre, try to place it as close to centre of the mask as possible. 
  1. Place the compression lid with seal ring on top of the mask sample concentrically, and clamp using the knob. 
  1. Set flow at 15 l/min using the rotary knob on the controlled flow setup. This will be slightly difficult to determine due to the inaccuracy of the flow sensor, but you can try and centre the fluctuations around this value. 
  1. Connect Sample holder to 32mm PVC tube and PMMA tube.
  1. Wait 2 minutes for stabilisation of particle flow. 
  1. Press on “refresh” in FitPro+. 
  1. Record fit factor for 30 seconds. 
  1. Document the fan motor percentage, ambient particle count and FIT factor. 
  1. Open PMMA tube, wait for FF to increase, and close tube. 
  1. Repeat protocol from 11) until you have tested the sample 3 times. 
  1. Remove the sample and start from 7) with the next sample. 

Stop testing

  1. Turn off the aerosol generator and PortaCount.
  1. Unplug the flow setup from power outlet. 
  1. Turn of sockets in flow cabinet by pressing “2” on the cabinet control panel.

Refilling NaCL for particle generator if it is empty 

  1. Using a clean and empty 100 mL vial, weigh 2g of Sodium Chloride and place into the vial. 
  2. Next, add 98 grams of distilled water, and mix well.